Focus on Flower Bulbs...


With more than 60,000 plant species and varieties, Holland has an enormous biodiversity, most of which is cultivated by Dutch companies. This biodiversity also means chemodiversity, i.e. Holland possesses a wealth of compounds, which can be used for a variety of applications. The collection forms a unique source of compounds, which can be screened for new compounds that can used commercially.

Holland Biodiversity supplies reproducible, high-quality natural products, extracts and compounds from a large variety of herbs, perennials, flower bulbs and other plant species in any desired quantity to companies dealing with cosmetics, fragrance and flavour substances, personal care, agricultural chemicals, chemicals, biopesticides, food, nutraceuticals and pharmacy, for screening, research, product development and large-scale production. Holland Biodiversity offers a broad portfolio, which covers all the various steps from research and development to bulk production, extraction of plant material and pure substance.


Holland Biodiversity primarily focuses on flower bulb species, because they are a unique component of Holland’s rich biodiversity. And with over 18,000 different bulb and tuber species and varieties from over 100 different genera, the bulbs and tubers are a rich and inexhaustible source of new active substances. Just the amaryllidaceae family alone consists of 18 genera, 165 species and over 7,000 species and varieties. And the genus tulipa (liliaceae family) has 5,600 known different species and varieties. And each year hundreds of new varieties are added, each with their own unique structure and compounds.


Supplier of extracts, (dried or fresh) plant material and pure compounds

Holland Biodiversity is able to supply the following, both for research and for the sale and production of extracts:

  • Large quantities of extracts in standard format
  • “Tailor-made” basic plant materials (crude extracts and/or fractionated extracts)
  • Pure compounds
  • Large quantities of plant materials cultivated specifically for the presence of certain biological active compounds
  • Improvement and propagation programs with the objective of cultivating plants with increased compound content

In addition to the extracts, the following services can also be provided:

  • Overview of already known substances per plant extract
  • Overview of already reported activities
  • Metabolomics profile using GC(-MS), HPLC(-MS), 1HNMR or 13CNMR, or an extensive metabolomics study with identification of known compounds
  • Pre-fractionation of extracts by centrifugal partitioning chromatography
  • Isolation of (biologically active) compounds
  • Large-scale extraction in compliance with GMP

Holland Biodiversity’s basic premise is to look for as many options as possible with the client. This means that Holland Biodiversity makes its accumulated knowledge available. Think, for example, of crop optimization or looking for alternative plants from Holland’s great biodiversity with increased compound content.

A selection of the available extracts, dried plant materials and pure substances can be ordered directly via the webshop.

If you have any questions or would like more information, you may contact us via the contact page or you may phone Aletta Nieuwenhuijs at +316 5153 7699. We are happy to answer your questions.

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