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Saffron Crocus

For a limited time Holland Biodiversity can offer wholesale Saffron Crocus corms at competitive pricing.

We hold an excellent stock which we have been contracting with the best grower for many years.

Saffron Crocus (syn crocus sativus) corms are available is different sizes, from 3 / 4 up to 11/+.

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Polianthes tuberosa Sensation® 

The white Polianthes tuberosa is widely used in making flower garlands and is used as wedding ornaments and of course, is widely used in the fragrance industry.

Holland Biodiversity is proud to announce the Polianthes tuberosa ‘Sensation®  with the colour “Pink” which brings new colour to wedding ornaments and garlands.

The Polianthes ‘Sensation®  can also be grown as a cut flower for ornaments with their renowned fragrance.

email: info@hollandbiodiversity.com

Mobile: +31622729246

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Plants - Nature's treasure chest
Library of Extracts

We have a library of plant extracts of bulbs, roots, leaves, flowers and perennials for high throughput screening. This collection is a unique source to find new compounds and active extracts for commercial and scientific use in different industries.

Supply of (bulbous) plants

We supply high quality fresh and dried plant material (bulbs, rhizomes, tubers, leaves, flowers and perennials) grown in The Netherlands.

Research & Development

We are committed to develop unique innovative active ingredients and extracts from plant species together with our customers in different industries.

About Holland Biodiversity

Certified plants from The Netherlands

Holland Biodiversity is convinced of the best possible use of what nature gives us. With natural biodiversity as a starting point we develop and trade natural substances in the sectors of pharmacy, food, cosmetics and argochemistry. We research, develop and produce and are located in Lisse, in the center of the Dutch flower bulb industry. We make available our accumulated knowledge and together we look for opportunities. Think of crop optimization, the search for alternative crops or thinking about breeding and propagation programs with the aim of growing a crop with an increased content.

Own research & development

Holland Biodiversity has its own research & development program. We are looking every day for active substances and extracts with which we can develop new products. The aim is to patent the innovation and to grow sustainable horticultural crops in non-traditional markets.

For the research & development we work with different universities around the world.

  • Knowledge of flowers and bulbs
  • GAP and GMP certified
  • scientifically proven active plants
  • sustainable

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